July 7th- Uploaded Phase III of this site: The website is now more user friendly to visitors with 800 x 600 screen resolution; I have gotten rid of the side navigation bar and have introduced a top nav bar, so all pages can now be viewed without having to scroll left or right.  Changed several of the fonts on this site that were not recognized by some computers to Arial, which should make the site more readable to some users.  Changed the map on the Battlefields page, and removed all javascript (except the script used on the Virtual Tours page), which seemed to be slowing the site down.  Changed the look of both the Virtual Tours Page and the Home page itself.  Added two new Virtual Tours: Fort Donelson National Battlefield and Stones River National Battlefield, both in Tennessee, and Civil War Sites in Memphis, Tennessee. 

February 22nd- Added Iuka Battlefield, in Mississippi, and updated the Corinth, Mississippi battlefield. 


November 29th- Added Shiloh National Military Park page, including a Virtual Tour, battle summary, and almost 200 new pictures of battlefield stops and monuments.  I also upgraded the website, so there will no longer be any annoying banners or ads, and the site is now permanently located at www.cwbattlefields.com.  

October 4th- Added Johnsonville State Historic Site and a Search engine to the site. 

September 30th- After about three months of in-activity, I have finally gotten a change to update this site.  I have added a Virtual Tours section, and included both Pea Ridge National Military Park and the new Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield in the section.  

June 29th- Added the Arkansas state page and two battlefields, Prairie Grove and Pea Ridge.  

June 20th- Began uploading Phase II of Civil War Battlefields Online.  The site could experience technical difficulties during this process.  Some links are still inoperable.  15 Battlefields are currently fully operational.  Once Phase II is complete, I will begin to upload new battlefields.

May 15- Began Phase II of Civil War Battlefields Online.  Began extensive changes to the site, most noticeably on the homepage.  Phase II will continue for most of the summer.

April 17- Added a page detailing the un-folding controversy of Mississippi’s state flag.

March 24- Added three new state pages (Missouri, Oklahoma, and Kansas) and 5 new battlefields: Wilson’s Creek (Missouri), Honey Springs (Oklahoma), Cabin Creek (Oklahoma), Mine Creek (Kansas), and Marais des Cygnes (Kansas)

March 5- I decided I wouldn’t force anyone to use frames! 🙂 I added an introductory page that allows people to view the site with frames or without frames. I added a navigation menu on the main page for those using the no frames format.

February 23- Added two new battlefields to the Tennessee Page: Davis Bridge and Parkers Crossroads. Added a section to the main page that tells what battlefields have been recently added.

February 22- Made several significant changes to the site. The map on the main Battlefields page has been sized down for the benefit of those with lower screen resolutions. The format for the battlefield has been completely altered- Each battlefield now has its own page, so it should be easier to load each page now. I have also added thumbnails for all of the pictures in order to keep each page from being too large. Finally, I have sized down the state flags found on each state’s page.

February 1st- Added a Search Engine onto the site. You can now search for a particular battlefield once this site grows a bit

January 27- Added a Timeline of all the major events and battles that occurred before, during, and after the Civil War.

January 18- Slightly changed the title and pictures on the main page- it seems that they were too big to fit on some smaller screens. Hopefully this helped.

January 5- Happy New Year! Added frames to the site. Made extensive changes to the main page- added new pictures and some animated graphics. The introductory web-page has been removed. Added two new battlefields to the Tennessee Page- Britton Lane Battlefield and Salem Battlefield. Go check them out!


December 12- All State Battlefield pages are now operational. Added lists of all major Civil War battles fought in each state on each state’s page (Georgia and Virginia don’t have lists). Added three battlefields on the Mississippi page- Corinth, Brice Cross Roads, and Tupelo. Added two battlefields on the Tennessee page- Shiloh and Fort Pillow. Added a battlefield poll on the home page.

December 10- Greatly enhanced the Battlefields Section. Almost all states have their own page now (I’m still working on the Georgia, Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland pages). Added a new format for the picture galleries on each state’s page. Mississippi’s page is fully operational.

November 29- Grand Opening of CW Battlefields Online!! The following sites will be up and running by midnight, Central time: The Main Index Page, The Main Battlefields Page, Mississippi Battlefields Page, CW Battlefield Society Page, Links Page (no links), and this Update page. The CW Battlefields Forum is also operational.

September 27- Began work on website. Created introductory website.

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