West Virginia Battlefields

Harpers Ferry

West Virginia played a significant role in the Civil War, with several key battles taking place within its borders. These battlefields are now preserved as historical sites and are open to the public for tours and educational visits.

Some of the major battles fought in West Virginia, along with their corresponding dates, are as follows:

  • Hoke’s Run (July 2, 1861)
  • Philippi (June 3, 1861)
  • Rich Mountain (July 11, 1861)
  • Kessler’s Cross Lanes (August 26, 1861)
  • Carnifex Ferry (September 10, 1861)
  • Cheat Mountain (September 12-15, 1861)
  • Greenbrier River (October 3, 1861)
  • Camp Allegheny (December 13, 1861)
  • Princeton Courthouse (May 15-17, 1862)
  • Harpers Ferry (September 12-15, 186)
  • Shepherdstown (September 19-20, 1862)
  • Droop Mountain (November 6, 1863)
  • Moorefield (August 7, 1864)
  • Summit Point (August 21, 1864)

These battles helped to shape the course of the war and solidified West Virginia’s place in American history. Today, visitors to West Virginia can learn more about these battles and the state’s role in the Civil War by visiting the battlefields and other historical sites. These sites offer a unique opportunity to explore the history of the war and gain a deeper understanding of the events that shaped our country.

Featured Image Credit: Public Domain

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