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  • Civil War Vehicles for Transport & Warfare

    Civil War Vehicles for Transport & Warfare

    During the American Civil War, the Union and Confederate armies used various vehicles for transportation and warfare. While horses were the most common form of transportation, steam-powered vehicles were also used on the battlefield. One of the most well-known steam-powered vehicles of the Civil War was the USS Monitor, a revolutionary ironclad warship. The USS…

  • West Virginia Battlefields

    West Virginia Battlefields

    West Virginia played a significant role in the Civil War, with several key battles taking place within its borders. These battlefields are now preserved as historical sites and are open to the public for tours and educational visits. Some of the major battles fought in West Virginia, along with their corresponding dates, are as follows:…

  • Virtual Civil War Field Trips for Middle Schoolers

    Virtual Civil War Field Trips for Middle Schoolers

    The United States is rich with history, and visiting historical sites can bring depth and meaning to your history lessons. However, not all students have the opportunity to take field trips. Fortunately, there are many resources online that allow you to take virtual field trips with your students. Below, I have compiled a list of…

  • Virginia Battlefields

    Virginia Battlefields

    Here are some of the most important Virginia civil war battles and their locations and dates: First Battle of Bull Run (July 21, 1861): This was the first major battle of the Civil War, and it took place near Manassas, Virginia. The Confederate army, led by General P.G.T. Beauregard, was able to defeat the Union…

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    July 7th- Uploaded Phase III of this site: The website is now more user friendly to visitors with 800 x 600 screen resolution; I have gotten rid of the side navigation bar and have introduced a top nav bar, so all pages can now be viewed without having to scroll left or right.  Changed several…

  • Texas Battles and Battlefields

    Texas Battles and Battlefields

    Here is a list of important Civil War battles that occurred in Texas: Sabine Pass I (September 24-25, 1862): This battle took place in present-day Texas and was a Confederate victory that helped to secure Confederate control of the region. Galveston I (October 4, 1862): This battle took place in present-day Texas and was a…

  • Southwest Battles & Battlefields

    Southwest Battles & Battlefields

    The American Civil War was fought across a wide range of locations in the United States, including the Southwest region. Here are a few key Civil War battles that took place in the Southwest, along with their dates: Battle of Glorieta Pass (March 26-28, 1862): This battle took place in present-day New Mexico, and was…

  • Civil War Battlefield Online

    This utility will allow visitors to search this site for any battlefields or other information that one might find interesting or useful.  The search engine is updated on a semi-regular basis, so search results might not represent the the most up-to-date information found on this site.

  • South Carolina Battlefields

    No South Carolina Battlefields are currently online. Major Battles fought in South Carolina-   Fort Sumter I (April 12-14, 1861) Secessionville (June 16, 1862) Simmons’ Bluff (June 21, 1862) Charleston Harbor I (April 7, 1863) Fort Wagner I (July 10-11, 1863) Grimball’s Landing (July 16, 1863) Fort Wagner II (July 18, 1863) Fort Sumter II…

  • Plains Region Battlefields

    Sorry… No major battles were fought in the Pacific Region during the Civil War