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The Battle-

(December 19, 1862)


:::: Not enough information available on this battle to write an effective summary:::

Any information on this battle would be greatly appreciated


The Battlefield-


Salem Cemetery Battlefield is located east of Jackson, Tennessee, off of I-40.  The battlefield can be found about 6 miles south of Jackson, on Paul D. Wright Highway.

        I was only able to spend a few moments at this battlefield, and was unable to explore the battlefield like I wanted to, so this battlefield description will be fairly incomplete.  Salem Battlefield is actually a cemetery in rural Tennessee where part of a battle took place in 1862 that involved the famous Nathan Bedford Forrest.  Next to an informatory marker are two small monuments- one to the Confederate soldiers who died in the battle, and one to the the Union troops. Inside the cemetery there are a row of markers for unknown Confederate soldiers, and near it is a mass grave of several other soldiers who gave their life at Salem. Not a very impressive site, but it is still worth the short detour if your in the Jackson area.


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