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The Battles-

(September 30, 1862)

(October 28, 1864)


        Two important battles of the Civil War were fought in and around the little Missouri town of Newtonia.  The first battle, fought on September 30th, 1862, was fought between 4,000 Confederates and 6,500 Union soldiers under the command of General James Blunt. The battle was one of the very few battles during the Civil War in which American Indians played a significant role on both sides.  It was the Confederate-allied Cherokee Indians who won the day for the Confederate army during this first conflict.

        The second battle of Newtonia was fought on October 28th, 1864, was fought while C.S.  General Sterling Price was retreating from his unsuccessful Missouri and Kansas Campaign of 1864.  While the Confederate army was resting south of Newtonia, U.S. General James Blunt and his army of 1,500 cavalry soldiers surprised the Confederate army.  General Price ordered an immediate retreat, and left C.S. General J.O. Shelby to engage the federal forces while the army escaped.  After a brief skirmish, the Confederate forces overwhelmed the Union soldiers.  The Battle of Newtonia was one of the last battles fought west of the Mississippi. 


The Battlefield-


Newtonia Battlefield is located in the town of Newtonia, in south-western Missouri.  A driving tour begins at Dillion's store, off of Highway 86.

        Newtonia Battlefield is owned by the Newtonia Battlefield Association.  Most of the battlefield itself has long vanished, but a short driving tour around the town of Newtonia brings you to many sites of interest from the battle.  A mansion in the center of town was used by Confederates during the battle, while several Confederate soldiers are buried in a small cemetery on the outskirts of town.  This battlefield doesn't really compare to nearby Wilson's Creek, but should be visited if your in the area.


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