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The Battle-

(October 25th, 1864)


        The battle of Mine Creek, fought on October 25, 1864, was one of several battles fought between C.S. General Sterling Price and an array of Union foes during Price's ill-fated Missouri and Kansas Campaign of 1864. Reeling from his defeat at the Battle of Westport, in Missouri, General Price and his broken Army of Missouri began a retreat south to friendly Confederate lands when the Union cavalry, under the command of U.S. Colonels Frederick Benteen and John Philips, caught up with Price's lines on the north side of the Mine Creek.  What proceeded was the greatest mounted cavalry charge of the Civil War.  
        As Benteen's and Philip's 2,600 strong army reached Price's 7,000 strong Confederate army, the Union commanders realized that there would be no time to un-mount from their horses and so ordered the charge into the Confederate's lines.  Although the Confederates out-numbered the Federal cavalry by nearly 3 to 1, the Southerners were not prepared for the massive charge, and the Confederate lines soon evaporated.  500 Southerners were captured, but General Price managed to escape with the bulk of his Army of Missouri.  The Battle of Mine Creek has also been called one of the shortest battles of the Civil War, lasting only 30 minutes.


The Battlefield-


Mine Creek State Historic Site is located in Eastern Kansas, off of Route 69.  The battlefield is on KS 52 West, two miles south of Pleasanton.  The visitor's center of the battlefield is easy to spot.

        Mine Creek State Historic Site is owned and administered by the State of Kansas.  A new visitor's center offers information and a brochure for the 2.6 mile walking tour around the battlefield.  Although the battlefield itself is well preserved, it should be said that there is very little to see, besides a few markers that explain various actions of the battle.  The walking tour takes you around two main segments of the battlefield, a marshy portion and a forested portion. The battlefield can be quite hard to navigate during the wet seasons, and it is fairly easy to lose track of the trails. I spent almost 30 minutes trying to re-trace my tracks at one point. Caution is recommended.


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