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The Battle-

(October 25th, 1864)


        Two lesser known engagements occurred during the Civil War Period at this small and largely forgotten site.  In 1858, four years before Fort Sumter, several anti-slavery men were murdered by pro-slavery ruffians at the site.  The murders gained national attention, and focused it on the growing rift between Slave and Free State; little did most people know that these few deaths would only be the first of many hundreds of thousands of men who would give their life for their causes.  The second engagement was a small battle of the 1864 Missouri and Kansas Campaign, led by C.S. General Sterling Price.  The short skirmish, fought early on October 25th, was not a strategic victory for either side, but would lead to the vastly more important battle of Mine Creek later that day.


The Battlefield-


Marais des Cygnes State Historic Site is located in Eastern Kansas, near the border with Missouri.  The battlefield is found on KS 52 East, off of Route 69.  The site is partially sign-posted, but is still very difficult to find.

        Marias des Cygnes State Historic Site is a small historical park owned by the State of Kansas.  The small site is reached by several dirt roads leading from KS 52 East.  The battlefield can be quite hard to find, for many of the sign posts guiding you to the battlefield have been knocked down.  The battlefield consists of a small wooded park, with a museum and informatory panel explaining the significance of the site.  A small stone monument marks the spot where the anti-slavery supporters were massacred by pro-slavery border ruffians.  The 1864 battlefield can be found right off Route 69, near the entrance to the park.  A small museum and a stone obelisks commemorate that battle.


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