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The Battle-

(September 19th, 1862)


        During the summer of 1862, Confederate forces located in the area around the Mississippi River began devising a plan to re-capture the state of Kentucky for the Confederacy.  In early September, C.S. General Braxton Bragg, the commander of the Confederate troops in the region, ordered C.S. General Sterling Price and his 14,000 strong Army of the West to begin the march towards Nashville.  Another Confederate army, under the command of General Earl Van Dorn, left middle Mississippi around the same time and began the march north into Tennessee. 
        The two armies were to meet and join forces somewhere in Tennessee, and begin the march to Nashville.  But U.S. General Grant, discovering the plot, sent U.S. General Edward Ord and 8,000 men and General William Rosecrans and his Army of the Mississippi to trap General Price and his army in north-eastern Mississippi before it could meet with the army of General Van Dorn.  On September 14th, General Price occupied Iuka, Mississippi, but when he discovered the movements of the Federal armies, he began evacuating the town.  On the 19th of September, Price decided to take the initiative and attacked General Rosecrans's approaching army. 
         After a hard-fought battle one mile outside of town, the Confederates managed to temporarily halt the Union advance.  The next morning, General Price managed to completely evacuate Iuka before General Ord's army reached the town, and the Confederates managed to escape from Grant's grasp once again.


The Battlefield-


Portions of the Iuka Battlefield are located in North-eastern Mississippi, 20 miles south-east of Corinth, near the border between Mississippi and Alabama.   The Cemetery is located off of a minor road in the town.

        Iuka Battlefield consists only of a few spots marked on the official guide to the Corinth Campaign, which can be acquired at the main Visitor's Center in Corinth, Mississippi.  Few of these stops on the driving tour contain anything of note, besides a road-side marker or two located in and around the town.  The one exception is a small cemetery which is located off of a minor road in town, and located on the Corinth map.  The cemetery contains a mass grave site, where many Confederate soldiers who died in the battle were buried afterwards.  Although a visit to this small battlefield would correspond well to the Corinth Campaign driving tour, the site does not warrant a long drive. 


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