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The Battle-

(June 10,1864)


        The Battle of Brice Cross Roads, fought on June 10, 1864, was one of the many cavalry battles that established C.S. General Nathan Bedford Forrest as one the greatest and most controversial mounted cavalry leaders to come out of the Civil War.  Early in his famous Atlanta Campaign, U.S. General William Sherman sent U.S. General Samuel Sturgis to defend his supply line, a one track railroad that traveled across Tennessee into Georgia and supplied Sherman's great army.  Sherman was worried about the safety of the line, and rightly so.  C.S. General Nathan Bedford Forrest, already made famous for his daring cavalry attacks, was based in North-eastern Mississippi and had begun to attempt to disturb the flow of supplies east.  
     On June 2nd, General Sturgis and 8,000 Union soldiers left Memphis, Tennessee and on June 10th, had met Forrest's Confederate Cavalry at Brice Cross Roads.  Early skirmishes went well for the Union soldiers, as they outnumbered the Southerners more than three to one.  But the Confederates were able to hold the lines and hold out until C.S. Colonel Tyree Bell arrived with reinforcements.  Together, Bell and Forrest initiated a full frontal attack on the weary Union lines, which soon gave way and began retreating.  The retreat soon became a rout as the Federal forces fled back to the safety of Memphis.  The Confederate victory was due largely to Forrest's brilliant use of the mounted cavalry, and the battle helped to cement Forrest's position as one of the very few military geniuses to come out of the war.


The Battlefield-


Brice Cross Roads National Battlefield Site is located in North-eastern Mississippi, between the towns of Corinth and Tupelo.  It is located off of Route 45 in the town of Baldwyn.

        Brice Cross Roads National Battlefield Site is one of the smallest battlefields owned by the National Park Service.  The 1-acre National Battlefield Site is administered by the Natchez Trace Parkway, and includes a monument to the Union and Confederate dead, two cannons, and an informatory panel explaining the battle.  Fortunately, there is much more to see at this site.  The Association for the Preservation of Civil War Sites (APCWS) owns more than 800 acres of the battlefield, which are split into two sections, each containing a short walking tour with informatory markers and excellent views.  Another extra at this battlefield is a very old and decrepit cemetery containing many graves dating back to before and during the war.  Towards the back of the cemetery are several unmarked graves of Confederate soldiers who died in battle.  Next to them is a stone block with the simple inscription of "1864."


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